- JCK Jewelers´Choice Award 2018 -

Two Jewelers’ Choice prizes for the jewelry studio in Germany’s Black Forest

We’re delighted and grateful to have won two prizes at this year’s Jewelers’ Choice Awards. Our Leilano bracelet was elected by the voting jewelers as winner in the “Fashion/Bridge Jewelry over $ 500” category. Our Aquino necklace placed second in the “Pearl Jewelry under $ 2,500” category.

Headquartered in Germany’s Black Forest, the BERND WOLF brand stands for uniquely distinctive jewelry designs. The basic material for the  BERND WOLF collection is 925 silver, enhanced with wire-brushed high-grade gold plating. Characterized by a warm golden gleam, this 24-carat plating has been applied in several layers and is extremely durable.

Leilano bracelet – winner in the “Fashion/Bridge Jewelry over $ 500” category

With its vibrantly multifaceted blossom arrangements, BERND WOLF’s floral Flowertimes design line comprises delightfully enchanting jewelry creations. The Leilano bracelet features an open-worked ornamental design composed of subtly shimmering trifoliate flowers, framed by a fine band of sparkling brilliant-cut zirconia. Incorporating this delicate blossom arrangement, the bracelet radiates a playfully feminine aura, while at the same time embracing BERND WOLF’s distinctive clear-cut formal idiom. Thanks to its specific design and its relatively light weight, the bracelet is  particularly comfortable to wear.

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Aquino necklace – placed second in the “Pearl Jewelry under $ 2,500” category

Water as the elixir of life and a wellspring of vitality is the leitmotif of BERND WOLF’s Aqua design line, featuring an exquisitely resplendent, perfectly curved drop-shaped element. With his Aquino necklace, the designer Bernd Wolf has created a symphonic constellation displaying a cornucopia of reflected light: freshwater pearls with a superb luster exhibit a magically elegant shimmer, while the elegant drop’s concave golden surface creates an enchantingly sublime interplay of light and shadow. Enhanced with a fine band of brilliant-cut zirconia, the Aquino necklace constitutes a jewelry creation of breathtaking beauty.

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