Jewelry Care

The Bernd Wolf Mascare Brush cleans and Protects


The Mascara Brush was developed for your customers. It removes dirt, leaves jewelry shining and applies a protective coating based on palm wax. Even delicate stones, pearls and coral can be directly protected.


Shake, apply the emulsion with the peeling brush, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Mascare is the ideal instrument to care for jewelry regularly and keep it beautiful. Seldom worn pieces of jewelry should be cleaned with Mascare before being stored away.

Ideal free gift

Bernd Wolf Mascare is an ideal gift for your customers.

Mascare Cleaning Stick 10ml Nr. 900 40 003



Yellow gold-, silver- and jewel immersion bath, 150 ml care set


The immersion bath is ideally suited for yellow gold jewelry and for silver with high quality gold plating. It removes even the most stubborn dirt, deoxidizes, cares for and protects the jewelry against discoloration.

The immersion bath is available as a care set exclusively from Bernd Wolf and includes handy tools for use with pearls, corals and delicate stones. Cotton buds and pearl protectors are included to prevent delicate materials becoming wet. The spaces in chains can also be easily cleaned. Gloves are included to protect hands.

The clear instructions make the product easy use. Please read before use!

Yellow Gold/Silver Care Set 150ml Nr. 900 40 001



The Bernd Wolf Gold & Silver Cleaner in minipack

SambolWith the Gold & Silver Cleaner even precious metal in jewelry with delicate parts can be cleaned. Extremely economical to use.


Gold & Silver Cleaner minipack 2ml Nr. 900 40 002

BERND WOLF Manufacture

Made in Germany

Our goldsmiths manufacture your pieces of jewelry in the BERND WOLF manufactory near the city of Freiburg in the Black Forest

We’ll be happy to advise you

We’ll be happy to advise you

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  Mondays - Thursday 8.30 a.m. -   16.30 p.m. Fridays 8.30 a.m. - 15   p.m. or e-mail us here

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Individual manufacturing – customized for you

We’ll gladly manufacture necklaces, rings and bracelets in your specific sizes.


Lifetime Service

Besides granting a two-year warranty, BERND WOLF offers an affordable Lifetime Service to assure lifelong pleasure with your new favorite pieces of jewelry.

Gold from certified sources

For more than five years now, all the gold we’ve been using has come from certified and ethically impeccable sources. It is 100% alluvial gold obtained from rivers, and is produced in compliance with environmental standards and human rights.



German Brand Award 2016     Red Dot Award 2017    Best of Designerschmuck Inhorgenta Award 2017    German Brand Award 2017


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