Ring sizes

Determining your ring size

To make sure that you’ll enjoy your new ring to the full, it’s crucial that you order it in the right size. The ring size is given either as the ring’s inner diameter or its circumference (the latter being the standard used in the jewelry business, diameter x 3.14). We offer three options for determining your ring size:

1. Determining the diameter

Take one of your rings that fits you particularly well. Use a millimeter rule to measure the inner diameter exactly in the middle of the ring, from one inner edge to the other, and also state half-millimeters (1 mm corresponds to 3 ring sizes measured by circumference).

2. Determining the circumference using a cord 

Another option is to wind a piece of thread around your finger and measure the length.

3. Determining the size using a ring chart

A very precise method for determining the ring size is to use the Bernd Wolf ring chart.




BERND WOLF Manufacture

Made in Germany

Our goldsmiths manufacture your pieces of jewelry in the BERND WOLF manufactory near the city of Freiburg in the Black Forest

We’ll be happy to advise you

We’ll be happy to advise you

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Individual manufacturing – customized for you

We’ll gladly manufacture necklaces, rings and bracelets in your specific sizes.


Lifetime Service

Besides granting a two-year warranty, BERND WOLF offers an affordable Lifetime Service to assure lifelong pleasure with your new favorite pieces of jewelry.

Gold from certified sources

For more than five years now, all the gold we’ve been using has come from certified and ethically impeccable sources. It is 100% alluvial gold obtained from rivers, and is produced in compliance with environmental standards and human rights.



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